My Shower Thoughts
Welcome to “My Shower Thoughts”

Have you ever been in the shower and thought of a really great idea, only to forget it once you’ve hopped out? It happens all the time, and I’ve always been fascinated as to why. I try so desperately to hold onto those thoughts, but once my feet touch down on the soft, green, palm tree leaf shaped rug wonderfully placed just outside my tub, all great thoughts are forgotten. I’ve tried running into my room to write a thought down, leaving a notebook next to my sink, even leaving myself a voice memo on my mobile…only seldom does one of these attempts work, and often leaves me rushing around to find the things I need to remember, or running out of time to get ready post-shower.

Well, today in the shower I had a great thought, and this time I held onto it! I want to encourage everyone to work harder to remember these great shower thoughts, and not only remember, but act on them! So when you think of those wonderful things while getting clean and ready for the day, or for you night shower-ers before you head to bed, remember them, and email them to me at with your first name, age, and state of residency. I will read them all, compile some of my favorites, and post them for our viewing pleasure. Maybe you will see your idea and be encouraged to act on it, or maybe you will read someone elses and be encourage by their ideas, or maybe we can all just get one big laugh out of it! Sometimes I will post some of my own shower thoughts as well. Who knows where this will take us…

So here’s to showers and thinking times :)

Happy thinking!